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main partners
of Future Verticals 2023 and
how they are involved in the program

  • Product Placement – providing in-store positioning to selected foodtech startups giving them high visibility to Kaufland’s customers

  • Knowledge-sharing & mentoring – providing a series of thematical lectures and one-on-one mentoring sessions concerning key retail topics, incl. product, pricing and promotions

  • CEO meet-ups – providing opportunity to meet with the CEO of Kaufland in thematical events, dedicated to future of retail and foodtech

  • Innovation visit - hosting a visit at the most modern and sustainable supermarket in the country

  • Providing inspirational space for learning, creative work and innovation.

  • Being a consistent partner of the Future Verticals program in providing the startups with a place in which they can realize their dreams, change the status quo, give back or to simply be inspired by fellow changemakers and entrepreneurs.

  • Hosting the Kick-off of the program

  • Hosting all mentor-led knowledge-sharing sessions throughout the Ignite phase

  • Hosting the co-innovation weekend

  • Hosting an innovation visit and inspiring startups about sustainable packaging and the effect packaging has on the product purchase decision 

  • Sharing their network of over 700 design innovators

  • Opportunity to prototype new packaging solutions

  • Providing mentoring

  • Hosting an innovation visit to present how they have been transforming the online grocery business through cutting-edge tech innovation.

  • Support in overcoming organisational challenges (organisational structure, talent management, culture etc.)

  • Consultations about technical product development (strategy, road map, technology, delivery, support, etc.)

  • Coaching in leadership best practices (change, decision making, resources, delegation, etc.)

  • Sharing their know-how and experience in entrepreneurship (ideation, validation, PoC, funding, pitfalls, etc.)

  • Providing mentoring 

  • Hosting an innovation visit and presenting their sustainable and ethical manufacturing process

  • Helping new founders in the industry become more successful & recognised and together with them make a shift:

    • in the industry towards sustainability and ethics and 

    • in the culture of eating of Bulgarians

  • Sharing know-how about growth and scaling

  • Helping entrepreneurs become more psychologically resilient and handle stress with ease

  • Providing mentoring 

  • Themed catering and event hosting, planning, and organizing for Demo Day.

  • Delivering a world-class zero-waste food experience

  • Masterclass by the first Bulgarian chef on sustainable practices, certified by Worldchefs

  • Hosting an innovation visit and presenting their innovative product development process

  • Providing insight into the operations of a leading company working with alternative protein sources

  • Providing mentoring

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