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Over the course of three months, Future Verticals accelerates business development through expert mentoring, sector knowledge, practical training, networking and co-creation opportunities.

To make the program as effective as possible, we customized it based on the needs and requirements of startup applicants, so all activities were tailored to their level of development and specific business context. 

The program is hybrid, with some lectures and workshops done in person and others - online.

This program is designed for founders who are committed to building their startups full-time and are willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen.

Participation in the accelerator is free of charge.

Ignition Phase

10-20 hours per week of intensive lectures, workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions with partners and mentors.

Week 1
5-9 June 

Market research and customer discovery 

Our expert mentors guided startups through the process of identifying their target customers, conducting effective customer discovery interviews, and using market data to validate their business ideas.

Week 2

12-16 June

Product development

Startups learned how to pinpoint crucial features, assemble a product roadmap, and build a prototype to evaluate with prospective clients. Through MVP testing and identifying critical KPIs, they were able to improve and optimize their product for success.

Week 3

19-23 June

Sales and marketing strategy

Insights about identifying important marketing channels, structuring a customized sales plan and pricing strategy were essential to reaching the target audience. We discussed the importance of brand identity and worked on developing a recognizable brand voice and memorable early marketing campaigns, in line with the marketing strategy.

Week 4

26-30 June

Financial planning and investor pitching

Week 4 dived into company operations, such as supply chain management, inventory control, financial modeling and revenue forecasting. We worked on identifying the company’s funding needs and determining appropriate sources of funding. Showcasing best practices for a compelling investor deck helped participants with structuring their pitches and addressing potential objections from VCs. Startups had the opportunity to practice their pitch and receive feedback from experienced investors.

Acceleration Phase

one-on-one work with dedicated mentor(s), flexibly scheduled

Week 5 to 13

3 July - 28 August

Putting all knowledge into practice, we organised an intense 2-day co-innovation hackathon, aimed at co-creating sustainable innovation concepts for each startup to further develop, test and validate. 


The rest of July and August are dedicated to further push startups to work on improving the substance of their business, working on specific areas they've prioritised and validating their innovation concepts.

Startups are matched with one or more mentors and partners, in order to develop their business case further, working one-on-one on developing the business plan, prototyping or testing in a real environment. In this phase, there is plenty of opportunities for networking and collaboration with industry professionals, visits to top-of-the-line innovation labs and more.

Innovation visits are organised with our partners, to show startups best practices and innovative approaches.

Demo Day

Each startup will pitch their business case and progress made during the program to potential investors and business executives for feedback and a chance for receiving funding and further support.
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