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Take a look at the startups participating in Future Verticals 2023

Agriniser is a digital marketplace that empowers grain buyers and sellers to negotiate deals efficiently and make informed decisions for their businesses through access to first-class market information. Their purpose is to provide fair, transparent and accessible opportunities for everyone along the grain marketing chain.

logo ENTREE – Копие.png

Of course everything starts with the love for food and desire for change. 

Entree was founded in December 2022 and gained immediate traction via targeting organically digital native customers on Instagram only. 

More than just another food company, Entree positions itself with a mission to enrich the local culinary culture and elevate its goods to be treated as fine wine or luxury fashion items. High touch points are the careful selection of ingredients, local farm businesses support and the passion for sustainable future.

LXIR is the first natural and functional drink providing a gradual release of energy up to 6 hours, without spikes and crashes. This is it - a natural nootropic, without added sugar, preservatives and flavorings, which will keep you focused on the important tasks in your everyday life.


Foody is more than just another app to fight food waste. We aim to shift the conversation from talking about leftovers to talking about quality food and culture. Our online marketplace includes bakeries, shops, hotels and a variety of offers. Foody is already recognized as a food-tech solution even on European level.

Deep Green is a food supplement meticulously crafted with over 50 essential ingredients, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, pre & probiotics, designed to deliver a comprehensive blend of nutrients for optimal health. With its convenient and delicious formulation, Deep Green offers a hassle-free solution to support overall well-being and provide individuals with the vital nutrients they need to thrive.

01_sfera logo_blue_black.png

Sfera Technologies aims to build the infrastructures of the future. The company is developing HomePort, a geospatial data delivery system allowing organizations to acquire satellite imagery faster and cheaper, thanks to HomePort’s integrated antenna network.

Foodobox is a marketplace platform fighting food waste by connecting businesses with surplus food with end users. The soon-to-expire food is sold at a big discount at the end of the day and the users pick it up directly from the store.

foodobox blue logo.png

We are building a fully autonomous, solar-powered and lightweight weeding robot. It uses cameras and AI to find the weeds and several contact and contactless methods for effective and efficient weed removal from the fields. We are currently workign on our MVP to be finalized by this autumn with commercial pilots with early adopters planend for the spring of 2024.

TerraLife Solutions is an innovative Bulgarian company in the field of sustainable agriculture. We develop organic fertilizers from food and green waste. Our mission is to put biology back into the soil.



Did you know that 2 centuries ago, Bulgaria was producing more walnut oil than any other oil? 200 years later, we manage to revive this vanished tradition and gently provoke the senses, with the superb and divine taste of fresh Walnut & Hazelnut Oil, as it once was. 

We have always believed that when something is done with love, the result is distinctive. Precisely because the whole team shares the same vision, we decided to join forces and make some exceptional gourmet products that we can be proud of and with the mission to contribute for the good health of our customers in an incredibly tasty way, without polluting the nature in the process!


I believe that a business must be responsible and caring for the people and the planet; creating products with zero waste. Because of this, and because of my children, I have chosen a small, but very lovely for kids’ product - chewing gum. Product with loads of benefits, but forbidden by many mothers because of its bad ingredients. In the kitchen of my home I made many experiments with different ingredients in order to create a natural chewing gum. After this mess I found a Mexican manufacturer of chicle - the main ingredient of a natural, biodegradable gum base. Now I have a delicious chewing gums with different flavors.

La Feve_logo lockup W3_2x.webp

Bulgaria can be home to the exquisite, to the extravagant, to the premium and to the well-thought-out.

Alternative proteins are key to a future of efficient nutrition, ensuring a sustainable food ecosystem.  Sunflower protein has an optimal nutrient (i.e. amino acid) profile among plant-based proteins.


RoseysMark LOGO colour-01.png

Created by two sisters, Ina and Rositsa, Rosey’s Mark aims to uncover the fragrant secrets of Bulgarian oil-bearing rose as an edible flower. In addition to its distinctive and gentle floral flavor, Ina and Rositsa are looking deeper into Bulgarian rose damascena as an active food ingredient to give light to its various functional food benefits. 

With functional effects related to anti-stress, digestion, immune system, beauty and anti-aging, Rosey’s Mark products explore how Bulgarian rose in food may efficiently support the modern well-being of the conscious consumers around the world. 

Еxquisite floral flavour and valuable functional food properties go hand in hand in Rosey's Mark products, to shape the brand's unique value proposition - Edible roses for well-being from within.

At Trace Ground, we help the consumers of agricultural goods through a decentralized blockchain system for tracking the origin and quality of manufactured goods, their delivery, and storage by providing constant, complete, and objective control, guaranteeing and proving the quality and safety of the goods.


The project contributes to improving the visibility of the food/food supply chain on a longer-term scale, building lasting trust between all actors: farmers, delivery, distributors, stores, and final consumers – and they all have the possibility to connect and interact with each other, to have full transparency through all the documents and certificates for the goods and be part of the marketplace where they can make deals between each other in the chain and easily to provide all the documentation for their goods to all regulation institutions or customs between different countries if it needs it.


We created IcePro protein ice cream for everyone who wants to enjoy delicious food and sweets, but also cares about their figure and health. Our goal is to end regret and deprivation. is the first ever effective platform against food waste that saves time and money for its customers, makes them healthier and helps reduce harmful emissions. 


We solve the problems of busy, working people who face the issue every day: "What should I cook?" or "When should I shop?" at the end of a long day. is an online platform for delivery of healthy home-cooked meals, regular meals and grocery shopping, tied to a good cause. With us it's easy to eat healthy and save time and money.

We offer the largest variety of regimen menus (over 10 types), as well as the option to "build" your own meal according to your protein, ingredient, weight and health needs. Each meal or ingredient ordered has all nutrient values, percentages and grams listed and can be easily monitored to see how they change when adding or subtracting a supplement until the desired calorie and nutrient goal/intake is reached. We have attractive subscription plans that allow an entire office or family to eat healthy and varied meals for a fixed monthly price, significantly reducing their food budget and the harmful emissions from overcooking and food waste. is uniquely suited to partner with corporate clients - employers who are developing their corporate and social responsibility because we help businesses improve their ESG performance levels, corporate sustainability and social responsibility.

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